NComputing is a desktop virtualization company that manufactures hardware and software to create virtual desktops (sometimes called zero clients or thin clients) which enable multiple users to simultaneously share a single operating system instance.

NComputing, based in San Mateo, CA is a privately held for-profit company with offices in the United StatesSingaporeUKGermanyIndiaKorea,PolandRussia, and Spain; and resellers around the world.

The combination of NComputing hardware (access devices, thin clients, zero clients) and virtualization software (vSpace desktop virtualization software) use the excess computing capacity of one PC or server to create multiple virtual desktops.

The company offers five product lines, the X-series, L-series, U-series, M-series, MX-series, CX-series, and N-series, as well as an OEM chip.

Thin Client Devices for vSpace Virtualized Environments

  • L-Series devices allow up to 100 users to share one PC or server running vSpace Server virtualization software.
  • M and MX Series 3-in-1 thin client kits for vSpace Server provide an affordable PC expansion alternative, allowing up to 45 users to share the resources of one PC or server.
  • X-series kits for vSpace Server are a turnkey solution for up to 11 users per PC.
  • N-series thin clients, powered by our third generation Numo™ 3 Sytem-on Chip (Soc), are purpose-built for organizations deploying the Citrix VDI-in-a-Box
    solution and provide 100% of the benefits of the Citrix HDX experience for approximately one-third the cost of other HDX-capable endpoint alternatives, including PCs and traditional thin clients.
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  • Ncomputing M300
     3-in-1 Thin Client Kit for virtual desktops. The M300 provides a simple, powerful and affordable PC Expansion alternative. As the industry's first 3-in-1 thin client offering, the M300 delivers a rich PC experience at 1/3 the cost of PCs and typical thin clients. With this breakthrough,..
  • Ncomputing MX100D
    MX100D: Direct connect to the host computer via PCIe card (included) This allows 3 users, and is expandable to 9 users by adding up to two additional MX100S kits (not included) without the need for a LAN. Simple, Powerful & Affordable The MX-series is the benchmark for a low cos..
  • Ncomputing MX100S
      MX100S: Connect to the host computer via LAN. Using your existing LAN, 3 users can connect to the vSpace Server through a single network connection.  Simple, Powerful & Affordable The MX-series is the benchmark for a low cost, simple, powerful and affordable ..
  • Ncomputing Nseries
    100% of the HDX experience at 1/3 the cost.   Since its initial release in May of 2012, hundreds of customer organizations have selected N-series Citrix® Ready HDX Verified System-on-Chip (SoC) Thin Clients as their endpoint solution for Citrix deployme..
  • Ncomputing L300
    Key Benefits   Performs in Your Environment: Whether playing DVD-quality full-screen video or connecting specialized USB 2.0 devices, the L-series has the power and flexibility to work in a wide variety of environments and in t..